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A Touch of Denim ladies accessories was born from my love of denim and its versatility. I love the various shades and washes of denim, including the frayed look!

Every piece of jewelry I create features denim as a key material. Some of the pieces are repurposed from thick denim trim and feature the characteristic double lines of stitching. Other pieces are fashioned from swatches of denim and have intentionally frayed edges. Each piece of denim is treated to help it maintain a beautiful, bright appearance and prevent any future fraying.

Many of my designs feature Swarovski crystals, unique pendants, and eye-catching gold and silver toned chains and fastenings. Others are almost entirely crafted from denim. Denim is incredibly versatile, and I love creating designs that reflect it’s versatility. From elegant, to edgy, to bohemian—denim can handle it all!

A Touch of Denim ladies accessories are great for occasions that aren’t too dressy, but still call for a little something special—casual Fridays at work, a girls’ night out, brunch, a dinner date, or even a backyard BBQ. It’s all about how you wear it.

I believe that fashion should be affordable. I’m committed to creating quality jewelry at a fair price, so everyone can experience these one of a kind pieces! Each accessory is crafted entirely by hand and has a unique design. Whether you are interested in purchasing a single jewelry piece, placing a wholesale order, or having something special custom designed for you—my goal is to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Glam up your casual by wearing “A Touch of Denim” ladies accessories. Your style just got a whole lot more fashionable!

Its all about how you wear it

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