Denim accessories Hi, I’m Shelia! In my life I’ve worn many hats, but none of them fit as well as wearing the hat of a Designer of Denim Accessories. I am very creative and have always loved designing unique and different things.

I love denim and it’s versatility. A pair of old denim blue jeans can be re-purposed to anything that you can imagine. Denim is commonly used not only in clothing, but in purses, interior design, footwear and even furniture upholstery! Why not jewelry too?

With this thought in mind, I decided to design my own line of denim jewelry and accessories. One day, I purchased a sewing machine, fabric, and jewelry findings. I began designing and creating, and a few months later A Touch of Denim was born.

I design accessories that are trendy, fashionable and affordable enough for anyone. Everyone has a different sense of fashion, and I believe in embracing your personal style. Whether you’re looking for something bohemian, haute couture, casual, or just pretty and feminine—my goal is to create a wide array of one of a kind styles that will suit any taste.

To me, denim is just like black—it will never go out of style!